The title of paper Journal
(Volume, Number, Page)
Photocatalytic function of polymer-supported B12 complex with ruthenium trisbipyridine photosensitizer Chem. Commun., 47 (23), 6548 - 6550(2011)
Nonlinear optical responses of nanoparticle-polymer composites incorporating organic (hyperbranched polymer)-metallic nanoparticle complex Journal of Applied Physics 108, 073102-1 – 073102-9 (2010)
Redox behavior and electrochemical catalytic function of B12-hyperbranched polymer Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 83, 1439(2010)
Electrical Bistability of Composite Film Comprising Hyper-branched Polymer and Gold Nanoparticle Synthetic Metals, 159, 973-976(2009)
Glass Transition Behavior of Hyper-branched Polystyrenes Polymer, 50, 4868-4875(2009)
Formation of Specific Charge-Transfer Complexes Between Hyperbranched Polymer Viologen and Neutral Donors in Solid Films Depending on Donor Fraction Chemistry Letters, 38 (8), 858-859(2009)
Chain Dimension of Polystyrene-like Hyperbranched Polymers with Various Chain End Groups in THF Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 184, 012033(2009)
Water-proton Relaxivity of Hyperbranched Polymers Carrying TEMPO Radicals Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 47, 201-204鐚009)
Eco friendly vitamin B12 complex TCI Mail No.138 (2008.4)
On the Dimension of a Hyperbranched Polymer Synthesized from a Styrene Derivative Polymer Journal, 40(4), 375-378(2008)
Synthesis and characterization of vitamin B12-hyperbranched polymer Tetrahedron Lett., 48(.29), 5065-5068(2007)
Interfacial Segregation of Hyper-branched Polystyrene in Mixtures of Linear Component Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan, 32(1), 231 (2007)
Graft Polymerization Initiated by Photosensitizer Segregated at Surface of Polymer Film upon Ultraviolet Irradiation Chemistry Letters, 36(1), 808-809(2007)
Organic nanoparticle (hyperbranched polymer)-dispersed photopolymers for volume holographic storage Applied Physics Letters.88, 071103-1- 071103-3 (2006)


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