what is HYPERTECH?

HYPERTECH® is a registered trademark for many types of hyperbranched polymers which are provided by NISSAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD. These hyperbranched materials are dendritic spherical polymers which are a few nanometers in diameter and have a lot of terminal groups on the surface. HYPERTECH® makes it possible to provide many kinds of highly functionalized nano-particles.



HYPERTECH®-Two Features and Six Functions
Two Features Six Functions* Applicable Use
Spherical Polymer
Low Viscosity Coating
High Solubility Coating
High Dispersibility of Nano Materials (inorganic/organic) CNT Composite/Metal Composite
High Migratory Ability for Matrix Surface/Interface Surface/Interface Modifier
Many Terminal Functional groups Having Functional Materials in High Density Nucleating Agent for Electroless Plating
Modifying of Characteristics by Converting Terminal Groups. Surface/Interface Modifier

Measuring methods about the characterization of HYPERTECH® are HERE.

NISSAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, LTD. is working on molecular design, research and development in HYPERTECH®
with benefits of the features above.


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